José Augusto Pádua

José Augusto Pádua has a PhD in Political Sciences from IUPERJ, with a post-doctorate in History from the University of Oxford, England. He is professor at the Instory Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he coordinates the History and Ecology Lab. Since 2010, he is chair of ANPPAS (Brazilian Association of Research and Graduate Courses on the Environment and Society). Pádua is currently a founding member Museu do Amanhã (Roberto Marinho Foundation, Rio). He has published several works in and outside of Brazil, including the book Um Sopro de Destruição: Pensamento Politico e Crítica Ambiental no Brazil Escravista (2002) and the article As Bases Teóricas da Historia Embiental (Estudos Avançados, 2010.